For the Scientific & Research Community

We aim to enhance research and development in Kuwait by funding carefully selected scientific research proposals and building the capacity of the research community. We also celebrate scientific achievements by awarding various prizes to Kuwaiti and Arab scientists worldwide. Furthermore, We collaborate with renowned international institutions to facilitate cooperation with local scientists and researchers.

Our strategic partnerships with prestigious academic and research institutions around the world are designed for the benefit of young researchers, business leaders and senior decision makers in both the private and public sectors. These partnerships provide opportunities to understand, manage and implement a culture of science, technology and innovation and adopting a culture based on knowledge within Kuwaiti institutions and corporations.

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) and KFAS have partnered to bring together staff from the institute and an associate network of researchers in Kuwait to perform in-depth research on key topics. The program also aims to make the research findings accessible to a wide audience to foster discussion and debate within Kuwait and the Gulf region. The program also offers capacity-building opportunities bringing together OIES and Kuwaiti research institutions as well as opportunities for visiting fellowships for Kuwaiti academics.

The KFAS-OIES program provides support for the following:

  • The publication of The Oxford Energy Forum (OEF) and a number of specific program studies during the academic year.
  • The roundtable OIES-KFAS workshop focusing on key energy-related challenges faced by Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  • OIES hosts Short-Term Visiting Research Fellowships for Kuwaiti researchers conducting work on a relevant topic.
  • The program also sponsors Kuwaiti participants to attend the Oxford Energy Seminar.

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Contact at OIES:

Professor Bassam Fattouh

Contact at KFAS:

Office of International Programs