For the Scientific & Research Community

We aim to enhance research and development in Kuwait by funding carefully selected scientific research proposals and building the capacity of the research community. We also celebrate scientific achievements by awarding various prizes to Kuwaiti and Arab scientists worldwide. Furthermore, We collaborate with renowned international institutions to facilitate cooperation with local scientists and researchers.

Our strategic partnerships with prestigious academic and research institutions around the world are designed for the benefit of young researchers, business leaders and senior decision makers in both the private and public sectors. These partnerships provide opportunities to understand, manage and implement a culture of science, technology and innovation and adopting a culture based on knowledge within Kuwaiti institutions and corporations.

This program is divided into three components: Teaching Excellence, Research, Publication and Professional Development.

The Teaching Excellence Component has both a workshop and colloquium at UC Berkeley.

  • The workshop centers on principles of teaching excellence at the college level during an annual three-day event held at Kuwait University. Faculty members explore ways to apply the science of learning to define clear learning outcomes and performance targets for students, with a focus on designing content that engages students and promotes critical thinking. All Kuwait University faculty groups are invited to take part, including junior staff, mid-career staff, senior faculty, and teaching assistants. Both faculty and students will benefit from utilizing instructional and evaluation technology to enrich learning and manage teacher workloads, as well as relating research interests to teaching activities.
  • The Teaching Excellence Colloquium at UC Berkeley utilizes the outcomes from the Teaching Excellence Workshop to identify, design and prepare to implement a pedagogical project in a specific area of interest. The colloquium is held annually over an intensive one-week period as a way to further develop skills, practice techniques and provide formative feedback to participating Kuwait University faculty.

Research Component

The Kuwait Visiting Fellows Program at UC Berkeley is a chance for Kuwait University scholars to pursue their own research in a collaborative work environment, as well as engage with UC Berkeley’s outstanding resources and world-class faculty.

Publication Component

Junior faculty at Kuwait University seeking to publish their work in refereed journals are invited to join the two-day research publication workshop, led by a senior faculty member at UC Berkeley. Participants will learn about publishing from an expert in the subject who has served as editor of a major refereed journal for several years, and the executive editor of a major university press specializing in social sciences and humanities.

The workshop will take participants through every step of the process, including the ethics of publishing scientific research, how to present scientific information for publishing in refereed journals, the blind peer review process itself, how to articulate responses to reviewers’ comments, the search for appropriate journals and book publishers and answering publishers’ questionnaires, as well as how to submit a book proposal and package a book manuscript.

The professional component consists of three sections, a lecture series, a joint design studio for architecture students and a curriculum development workshop for architecture faculty.

These serve to create tailored, collaborative initiatives between similar units at UC Berkeley and Kuwait University addressing a wide range of topics of mutual interest.

  • The Lecture Series brings esteemed UC Berkeley faculty to speak at Kuwait University.
  • The annual Joint Design Studio brings together groups of architecture students from UC Berkeley and Kuwait University to collaborate and produce designs for assessment and comparison and includes an exchange of visits by students at both schools.
  • The Architecture Faculty Workshop for Curriculum Development is geared toward designing and implementing curricula that encourage innovative teaching and enable students to develop the desired skills. Relevant UC Berkeley faculty take part in the intensive workshop with their counterparts at Kuwait University’s College of Architecture.

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Contact at UC Berkeley:

Victoria Duong - Program Manager

Contact at KFAS:

Office of International Programs