For the Scientific & Research Community

We aim to enhance research and development in Kuwait by funding carefully selected scientific research proposals and building the capacity of the research community. We also celebrate scientific achievements by awarding various prizes to Kuwaiti and Arab scientists worldwide. Furthermore, We collaborate with renowned international institutions to facilitate cooperation with local scientists and researchers.

KFAS offers training opportunities to exceptional Kuwaiti individuals in scientific fields by providing them with financial support. These programs include Internships, Interim Research and Post-Doctoral Research.

How To Apply

Conditions for Application: 

All applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti national.
  2. Age of applicant must not exceed 35 years for Internships and Interim Research.
  3. Age of applicant must not exceed 40 years for Post-Doctoral Research.
  4. For science and technology fields, the applicant must have excellent grade (GPA of 3.67 or above based on 4 points system) for the most recent university degree.
  5. For medical fields, the applicant must have very good grade (GPA of 2.67 or above for 4 points system) for the most recent university degree.
  6. The most recent university degree must be earned from one of the world’s top 200 universities, according to the following ranking.
  7. The applicant must not receive any financial support from any other institution for the requested training program.
  8. The training program should be a full-time program.
  9. The applicant must have acceptance from the training institution.
  10. Program duration for Internship and Interim Research is between 3-6 months. Program duration for Post-Doctorate Research is between 3-12 months.

The Foundation provides the following benefits for the participants of these activities:

  1. A monthly honorarium for the duration of the training program, between 700-1400 KWD.
  2. 800 KWD allowance for one round-trip airline ticket.
  3. Medical insurance for the duration of the training program.

Additional Information:

  • All applications must be submitted to KFAS with all required documents either by email or in person when registration is open.

    To apply for training activities, download the application form and time window:     


    1. E- mail:
    2. 22278100    ext: 1411 – 1623 – 1624