Our initiatives aim to enhance science technology and innovation in Kuwait and specifically finding new innovative solutions that address the challenges facing our country. Some of our initiatives include organizing conferences, seminars and talks that aim to develop the capacities of researchers, policy makers and business executives and collaborating with renowned international institutions to transfer and apply new technologies.

KFAS Inspo

This year, KFAS launched KFAS Inspo, a new series of lectures aimed at inspiring and motivating young people given by a group of Kuwaiti experts and academics with outstanding competencies and long experience in several fields, most importantly science, technology and innovation.

KFAS Inspo is a speaker series that provides a platform for individuals who have succeeded in the fields of science, technology, and innovation to share their stories of local and global achievement.   

The talks offer attendees an opportunity to listen to and meet potential role models in Kuwait whose stories will serve as inspiration for aspiring scientists and innovators.  The talks are conversational in nature, which allows attendees to participate and ask questions.    

The speakers are invited on a monthly basis in a venue commensurate to the topic.  Each lecture covers the speaker's journey, the lessons learned along the way, and what lies ahead.  

The lectures aim to inspire and encourage Kuwaiti youth to start their entrepreneurial career by focusing on delivering innovative products and services in various areas of IT strategies despite the challenges faced by local and regional businesses.