Our initiatives aim to enhance science technology and innovation in Kuwait and specifically finding new innovative solutions that address the challenges facing our country. Some of our initiatives include organizing conferences, seminars and talks that aim to develop the capacities of researchers, policy makers and business executives and collaborating with renowned international institutions to transfer and apply new technologies.

KFAS Symposium on the Application of Blockchain Technology

October 01, 2018

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology and expected to have a major impact in our lives, the societies we live in, and the way we do business. 

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing today’s world. This technology is being utilized to build smart and efficient cities, create new financial systems, introduce digital identity management tools, and much more.

As a promoter of science, technology, and innovation, KFAS is taking a leading role in creating awareness on this emerging technology and educate the local community about its benefits/risks as well as its potentials to improve the way transactions are done. This was achieved through an informative symposium on Blockchain technology and its applications.