The Kuwait Program at Harvard Kennedy School is a strategic partnership between KFAS and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (HKS). Administered by the Middle East Initiative, the program serves the leaders and decision-makers of various institutions in Kuwait, the GCC, and the wider Arab world through unique opportunities for cooperation on advanced research, teaching, training and outreach on critical issues of importance to Kuwait and the region. 

Since its founding in 1636, Harvard University has had a distinguished history of training leaders and contributing to the solution of global policy challenges through partnerships with other prestigious organizations. The University has educated thousands of individuals who have gone on to positions of leadership serving their nations as presidents, heads of state, ambassadors, senators and congressmen, senior-level cabinet leaders, and business executives. 

Components of the Program:

  • Kuwait Foundation Visiting Scholars Program:   

This program will host scholars from Kuwait and the Arab region, as well as regional experts, who may teach, conduct workshops, and interact with other Harvard research fellows. The Kuwait Foundation Visiting Scholar will help Harvard Kennedy School establish or solidify mutually beneficial relationships with universities and academic centers in Kuwait, the Gulf region and other Arab countries. 

  •  The Kuwait Foundation Fellowship for Outstanding Emerging Leaders:

This fellowship will support two students per year with a preference for students from Kuwait or students from other Arab countries. This fellowship will provide full tuition, fees, and health insurance to two outstanding emerging leaders from Arab countries each year for five years. 

  • The Kuwait Program Faculty Research Fund: 

This program will support research grants to Harvard faculty, in areas of critical importance to Kuwait and the Gulf, with a focus on the larger, more systemic problems in Kuwait and the region. Important material outcomes of this research process may include the development of local and regional case studies, white papers, and other research publications that may be used in Kennedy School courses and executive training workshops.

  • Customized Kuwait Executive Training Program

In an effort to enable the innovative capacity of the private sector, executive education fellowships are offered to Kuwaiti decision makers in the private sector for them to better understand, manage and implement Kuwait’s future business policies and infrastructure. 

  • Kuwaiti and Arab Executive Education Fellowships:

The Program awards fellowships each year to participants in a variety of Executive Education programs at Harvard University. Executive Education programs are designed specifically for public, private, and non-profit sector executives who want to expand their skills in a highly collaborative, academically rigorous environment. 

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