The KFAS-OIES Program aims to: 

  • Devote in-depth research by OIES staff and associate network of researchers in Kuwait into key agreed upon research topics.
  • Make the program’s research findings accessible to as wide a public as possible to enable academic debate and discussion with Kuwait and the wider region.
  • Offer capacity-building opportunities in cooperation between OIES and Kuwaiti institutions in research as well as via opportunities for visiting fellowships for Kuwaiti academics.

The KFAS-OIES Program supports:

  • The publication of The Oxford Energy Forum (OEF) and a number of specific programme studies during the academic year.
  • The organization of the OIES-KFAS workshop, a dedicated roundtable high-level workshop to discuss key energy-related challenges faced by the GCC countries.
  • Hosting at OIES the Short-Term Visiting Research Fellowships, a program for researchers from Kuwait working on a relevant research topic.

Sponsorship of participates from Kuwait to attend the Oxford Energy Seminar.

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Contact at OIES - Professor Bassam Fattouh:  bassam.fattouh@oxfordenergy.org 

Contact at KFAS - Office of International Programs:  OIP@kfas.org.kw