Our pioneering work dates back to 1976, when the late Amir, His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, turned his long-held vision to advance the state of science and technology in the country, into a reality. KFAS was established as a private non-profit organization and tasked with spearheading the vision, a role it continues to carry out to this day.

Funded by contributions from the Kuwaiti private sector, KFAS has developed and implemented many programs in pursuit of its mission to promote the development of science, education, research and a general scientific culture.

“Open Enrollment” Professional Development Initiative for Private Sector Companies

December 31, 2014

"Open Enrolment" Professional Development Initiative for Private Sector Companies

To encourage the Kuwaiti private sector to embrace innovation, KFAS introduced its pioneering "open enrolment" training programs in early 2014.  In that first year, more than 100 employees attended, representing a wide range of industries from across the private sector. The new program emphasizes a hands-on approach to inspiring innovative thinking and creative problem solving by incorporating the following methods:

  • FourSight's Breakthrough Thinking: A creative problem solving approach based on personality traits. Using tools to clarify the situation, generate new ideas, develop and implement better solutions.
  • FutureThink's Innovation Thinking Training: Igniting the Innovative Mindset: Techniques for overcoming innovation barriers, maintaining an open mind and supporting innovative ideas in daily work.
  • Creax: Systematic Innovation Training: Transferring of knowledge across industries through a four-step process in daily innovation and problem solving activities

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For further information on the Professional Development Initiative:
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